ACT Theatre – Yer Doin’ it Right

A Contemporary Theatre, also known as ACT, here in Seattle has been struggling with nearly unsustainable budget deficits like all the rest of the theatres in this country. But, according to this Seattle Times article, they’re doing much better this year: To boost attendance and income, ACT last year created a new membership program, which […]

Mr. Angelo: A Contemporary Re-Imagining of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”

Theatre Verity’s latest project just happens to be presented in the theatre space whose resident company I just happen to help run, so I have met several of the people involved with this project, including the playwright Dan Tarker, who is an amusing and smart person. I talked briefly with him about his upcoming project, […]

Another Great Theatre Blog

I’ve only skimmed this guy’s work so far, but from the 1 1/2 articles I’ve read, I think he’s on to something. Theatre Ideas: Tirades, manifestoes, and musings on the role of theatre in American society. An exerpt from his latest article, regarding the human need to tell stories and reinforce cultural values, with the […]

“Vaud Rats” at Balagan Theatre

These days, I seem to catch the last night of several performances. “Vaud Rats” was one of those, so my review is a little untimely. “Vaud Rats” is a solo performance described by the playwright/performer as a “ukelele operetta.” The show’s plot revolves around a washed-up vaudevillian’s life — his rise to pseudo fame on […]

To all my Russian and Eastern European fans

Hi there! I’ve been getting a ton of comments on the blog in languages that I don’t speak, particularly in Russian, and I am absolutely fascinated by this. It seems like the American Theatre pt 2 article has been especially popular. Fantastic. I’d like to apologize openly for not replying directly to those comments and […]