I’ve only skimmed this guy’s work so far, but from the 1 1/2 articles I’ve read, I think he’s on to something.

Theatre Ideas: Tirades, manifestoes, and musings on the role of theatre in American society.

An exerpt from his latest article, regarding the human need to tell stories and reinforce cultural values, with the through-line of relief efforts in Haiti:

Our society is built on stories. We communicate our values, our ways of interacting, our aspirations according to the stories we tell each other over generations. The idea that there is value in helping others who are in dire need, for instance, which underlies the Haitian relief effort, is passed on from generation to generation by the stories we tell that reinforce that value. Without that story, or with a more dominant counter-story, such admirable behavior would likely be scarce.

I could pick some bits of this apart, but I am just so jump-up-and-down happy that someone else is stating clearly that theatre particularly, and art generally, is all about story telling. That’s why it exists! Thank you!

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