I’ve been on Facebook for a couple of years, and I was on Myspace before that (which has since been deleted). I had accounts with TheatreFace and LinkedIn that were going to waste, which I reactivated recently, and I also reactivated my Ping account so I can sync all this crap up. Aaaaaaaaaaaand, I signed up for Twitter, strictly for business purposes, although my business is pretty personal so … we’ll see.

It’s amazing to me what you have to do to really have an online presence these days. I need to make sure that my Facebook and Twitter update whenever I post a blog here, for example, although I don’t really want my Twitter or Facebook statuses to update my blog automatically. LinkedIn is social networking just for business purposes, and TheatreFace is clearly inspired by that. All this just to make connections? It seems like a big time-sucking waste, just to show you’re up to date on all the latest technology thingamahoosits. I’m saying this as a mid-late-20’s person, who actually follows all this nonsense.

But its promotion. The internet started as a tool for communication and that remains its primary service. It’s all about the marketing. So although I feel like I’m spamming the same 20 people who actually pay attention to what I write and where, in reality this allows other possible readers to find me more easily, and it’s easier for me to meet influential friends of friends. And if art is partially to build community, then I guess using these tools well is an important step for the future of our community.

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