I am in this class for such different reasons as most of my classmates. I’m a director. I’m not an actor. I’ve said that a lot before. I’m in a class, naturally, full of actors, who are looking for reasons and narratives. I’m not saying I’m more open-minded than they are, because I really doubt that’s true, but I feel like I do go through the exercises with a different outlook — I’m not looking for what sort of reaction this is eliciting in me, but for how this movement could benefit an actor I’m working with. So, yeah, I guess I am looking at my personal reaction, but I’m also trying constantly to feel each muscle group to explain the action, AND find the fun in the exercise. Because what’s the point of dragging a game into rehearsal if it’s not fun? You won’t get much development or cooperation out of people who are humiliated and in pain.

So I want to know what this will do for me, not onstage, but in rehearsal.

We got more into otkaz, the wind-up movement that leads into the actual movement.

At about the 2:53 mark, when the dude is swinging his arms — the backswing part is the otkaz, because the motion fuels the upswing.

I like otkaz. I was amused by how over-analytical we got on break about otkaz, as well. I mean, if you think too hard about your otkaz — for example, if you’re standing with most of your weight on your heels, you have to take a step back to push yourself off and start walking really fast. That otkaz, if you over-think it, gets really slow, so then you lose your balance again and have to otkaz into your otkaz! And its fun to find all the moments in your daily life when you have to otkaz, like standing up from sitting on the floor.

I had a lot more fun in this class than the previous one. The time really flew by. We also did a lot of partner work, working with our balance counterweighted by someone else. It was kind of scary, but it also felt kinda good.

I had hoped I would like launching myself into this class, and I do. I’m not ashamed to try things, and I’m not totally embarrassed to be corrected.

Next class is Tuesday. I’m hoping to learn more technical terms, because I’m a nerd like that, but I feel like I can already see more a final outcome to the movements we’re practicing.

Here’s another Biomechanics video, just because it’s cool.

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