The simplicity of movement

TED is pretty well-known, at least amongst nerds, as having some amazing talks. I fantasize over one day being able to go to the conference — they present all kinds of speakers, from poets to astrophysicists to video game developers. I did NOT know, though, that they featured other kinds of live performance, but it […]

Does it need to mean something, or can I use my normal Absurdist/Existentialist approach?

I haven’t blogged about the last handful of movement classes I’ve been to, because I can’t seem to consciously hold everything important that I want to talk about in my head for more than a day. This is really unfortunate, because I feel like the class is having a huge effect on my life. I […]

When I was your age, we read *real* books!

Since I catch up on the blog Theatre Ideas with some frequency, I ended up reading this article over at the Huffington Post this morning: The 15 Most Overrated Contemporary Writers. Most of this article struck me as something along the lines of, “You damn kids, get off my lawn!” in its contempt for current […]

Shows I Missed

I hate the idea of missing plays, but sometimes life, or exhaustion because of/with life gets in the way of getting out and seeing something. Also, sometimes my complete lack of money gets in the way. I make enough to live on with a pretty good amount of fun money left over, but I’ve had […]