Because biology wasn’t cool enough

I have found the best actor in the world. That is insane. I tried finding some information about mimic octopuses (or octopode) in captivity, but mainly found information about them as pets, in aquariums. What I want to know is how much of this behavior is learned based on their environment, and how much of […]

“Breaking the Code,” Strawberry Theatre Workshop at the Erickson Theatre

I had the great good fortune to see this show twice in one weekend. Strawberry Theatre Workshop has some marketing geniuses, let me tell you. First, they had a $10 ticket sale over Labor Day Weekend. Being fairly poor, I took advantage of the sale to, at long last, see my first production from this […]

Apparently short, quick posts are where it’s at right now

Take that as a single entendre, if you would. I haven’t written full reviews of shows I’ve seen in awhile because, well, I didn’t need to. At the end of August I saw UMO Ensemble’s “El Dorado.” A piece of weird movement theatre based on European buffoonery, and inspired by actual documents from the conquest […]

Info Round-Up

I don’t really do blogrolls or round-ups, as part of the point of this blog is my own analysis (and the process of making that better and clearer, which means you the audience suffers a little bit in the reading, I’m sure). But, there’s been small snippets lately that have caught my attention, but I […]