I’ve mentioned this problem before: despite organizations offering deals, many people complain that the price of theatre, music, and other arts tickets is too high. This is because they are unwilling or too lazy or something to do the research and find these discounts, and most arts organizations are unable to advertise their discounts better. For these people, there’s a whole crazy arts round-up in October that will make you happy. It’s called Arts Crush.

Back in the proverbial day, there was this great theatre event called Live Theatre Week. It was sponsored by Theatre Puget Sound, and had a kickoff fair and lots of live events, including free drop-in rehearsals, free shows, things like that. When I worked for Eclectic Theater, we’d set up a booth and people would come around and ask us questions, get information about our season, yadda yadda. I’m not sure how much it actually helped advertising, but it was fun, and it was nice to talk to people about what we were doing. Plus, you could scout out what other organizations were up to.

This year, there’s a whole month dedicated to the arts in general, called Arts Crush. It’s a spin-off of Live Theatre Week with a lot more to it, including many more free shows, which I am taking full advantage of in October (if for no other reason than I have got to save money to go to Chicago at the end of next month). There’s also an entire section for “Date Night” tickets, which is basically a massive 2-for-1 section. The Date Night section was what I found first, but frankly, I think I’m going to wiggle my schedule around so I can do the free nights (which are often on weeknights, since those don’t sell as well).

So, to all those who piss and moan about how poor they are (and I am often one), get off your butts. There’s a lot to do here, you just have to look for it, and now there’s a whole freakin’ MONTH, with a website and everything, to keep you entertained.

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