Another post with links

I come back from Chicago, chill for a day or so, and finally get around to reading my blog roll. Two interesting, if short, articles — both from Full of IT, the blog for the New York Innovative Theatre Foundation. These are both about community. Our International Theatre Community was a little more focused on […]

Realistic Expectations for Education

I’ve mentioned the blog Theatre Ideas before. I have some respect for this professor’s perspective: that, despite all the rhetoric otherwise, we theatre people live in a system that relies much more on personal financial assets (or parental financial assets) than it does on hard work and determination. Much like the rest of the country, […]

Media Saturated

I recently broke down and decided to pay for the cheapest Netflix account possible — one disk in the mail, unlimited streaming video. After I ploughed my way through the last two seasons of “Xena,” my boyfriend started using my account more than I did, and I decided that, if there’s two of us using […]