I come back from Chicago, chill for a day or so, and finally get around to reading my blog roll. Two interesting, if short, articles — both from Full of IT, the blog for the New York Innovative Theatre Foundation.

These are both about community. Our International Theatre Community was a little more focused on World Theatre Day than anything, but since I didn’t know that existed (March 27th), that was a nice snippet of info. Also, this quote:

One should endeavor to discover fellow international theatre artists and get to know their work. Working at the Lark, I have the pleasure of getting to know playwrights from around the globe and it’s amazing to bear witness to not only their unique and eye-opening stories but also to get caught up in the way they tell their stories. I think we are extremely lucky here in NYC that there is so much international and multi-cultural theatre happening, so why not take advantage.

Our Indie Theatre touched a little closer to home, particularly, “See at least twelve Indie Theatre shows this year… I don’t think once a month is asking too much.”

It’s not too much for anyone, even if you’re poor.

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