I was torn between seeing “Money Changes Everything” and “Hearts are Monsters,” the latest production from Macha Monkey. Annex’s show came with recommendations from people I know, though, so I decided to attend.

I have a hard time, when I go see plays or movies, or read books, that come highly recommended, with not getting my hopes up. When I get my hopes up, I am, more often than not, disappointed. That’s what happened again last night.

It’s not that the show is bad. The show was amusing, and the acting was pretty good. But it wasn’t spectacular, as my friends had informed me. The characters were a little too ridiculous. There wasn’t enough pathos, although there was a little bit.

Also, I am unable to figure out why Seattleites are so obsessed with Southerners. Is this something happening in the rest of the country, or is it just the Pacific Northwest? I’m from the South, and yes, trailer trash is comedic, but it’s really not that entertaining when it’s a pretty real part of your life. So I’m bored, frankly, with shows featuring caricatures of white trash. It’s not funny, it’s not interesting, it’s not creative. It’s an easy shock and laugh. Even if this play is a true story, and even if these people are that dumb, it’s not, ultimately, that entertaining. The play was no more interesting than an episode of “Cops” — a show that I don’t watch, have only seen 10 minutes of once, and thought was pathetic in its obsession with mocking the stupidity of criminals.

My theatre partner wasn’t impressed by the set, which didn’t bother me as much as it bothered him, although I will say that I don’t get the point of having multiple fold-away pieces and then forcing your actors to mime one gate in one scene. That was distracting.

As always, though, these are my personal biases. I can understand how people would enjoy the show. It was pretty funny. It was fairly well-structured. It was decently acted. But it wasn’t spectacular. This picky, pretentious theatre critic was not impressed.

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