For the most part, this time of year is filled with Christmas plays — which I hate. I hate the insipid saccharine-ness of the whole holiday season. I believe in spending quality time with your loved ones, and I understand that most of us need specific times of year to remind us to do that. But there’s that whole “God bless us, everyone one!” mentality about this time of year, which, coupled with the stress of holiday shopping, makes me want to duck under a rock around mid-November and not re-emerge until the end of January.

That said, I have managed, somehow, to overbook myself this month, which wouldn’t be such a big deal, except there are actually a lot of non-holiday themed plays happening. I’m going to attempt to see two — “Shoreditch Madonna” over at Gesamtkunstwerk, and The Suicide over at the Ballard Underground Theatre (current home of Ghostlight Theatricals, former home of Live Girls! Theatre). Here’s a handful of plays I’m missing:

Crandall’s Bag at Washington Ensemble Theatre:
WET is, as the Stranger once pointed out (rightly, oddly enough), one of the most creative theatre companies in the area. I am really disappointed I’ll be missing this show, because I totally support ensemble-generated work.

First Look with the Satori Group:
I still haven’t seen any of Satori’s shows. I hear they’re amazing. I know some people who work with that group, and they’re definitely amazing. Oh well, someday my paycheck will come early enough …

Vestal Virgins at Theater Schmeater:
I haven’t yet seen any shows under their new artistic director. This is a shame, as David Gassner was a great artistic director (as far as I could tell from the outside), and I have had a love for this company since I was in one of their last late-nite runs of “The Twilight Zones” back in 2007.

The Torch-Bearers at Women Seeking …:
I also haven’t seen anything with Women Seeking … Theatre West yet, although I did go to their first fundraiser because at the time I was in a touring show with Open Door Theatre with one of the company members. I also know the stage manager for this particular production. However, I’m not entirely sure what to think of Women Seeking … I’m glad they’re around, but I feel like they sorta blew into town and claimed to be Seattle’s biggest or only feminist theatre company, which is not true at all. Anyway, I do intend to see one of their shows eventually.

You should go support these guys, since I can’t right now. I’m hoping that my February calendar stays nice and light, but that probably won’t happen.

Why “The Suicide” and “Shoreditch Madonna”? I almost assistant directed Shoreditch, actually. And the theatre company’s mission statement is more vague and potentially creative than what was explained to me by the producer I interviewed with, so I am curious to see how they pull that off. I genuinely hope they do it well. And “The Suicide” is directed by my former movement teacher, and I have yet to see any of his work. Plus, it’s weird, absurdist, and movement-based (I believe) and I need more movement-based theatre in my life.

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