It’s way off-topic, I know, but I have a blog so I may as well use it. I’ve sent this letter to my Senators by email, and I signed the petition to save Planned Parenthood. I’m trying to figure out how much I can donate to help them. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve written. Please feel free to modify it to your own purposes.

First of all, thank you for all you do for our country. In that spirit, please save Planned Parenthood/Title X. I am not just asking you for charitable reasons, although it is important to ensure that low-income Americans are healthy, so that we have a healthy workforce and military. However, I am asking you for all the middle-income people I know who use the services. Planned Parenthood has always been friendly and kind to me. Their sliding scale services have saved me during times when I was unemployed. Their annual pap smear ensures that I am forewarned if I develop cancer, and am able to treat it in a timely manner, rather than running up hospital bills I can’t pay much later, when there’s nothing left to do to save me. I get birth control from them, so that I do not have unwanted children with my boyfriend of 3 years. We want to have children when we feel like we’re ready to raise them into productive citizens. Because I am able to get low-cost birth control through Planned Parenthood, I have never had to have an abortion, and I intend to keep it that way.

Although I have been unemployed, I have never filed for unemployment. I chose instead to search desperately for a job and use my savings, because unemployment is a last-resort, desperate measure. During my boyfriend’s unemployment, we used food banks and food stamps, but both of us knew it was temporary — I think we were on food stamps for 2 months. We have worked very, very hard to make sure we don’t live above our means, and have not racked up much credit card debt, and we always pay our taxes. We are not charity cases, but paying out of pocket for services not otherwise covered by health insurance adds up. It means that we would, quite possibly, have to rely on other government services to offset the cost of one pap smear, one box of condoms. That’s not saving the government any money, it’s just moving the problem to another area.

It is very, very expensive to be a woman in this country. Planned Parenthood helps me continue to be a productive tax-paying citizen, an emerging artist, and a good partner to my boyfriend because the organization’s services help take my mind off potential reproductive problems. They are not just an abortion provider — they offer preventative care, like general practitioners do for other parts of your body.

There are other organizations that do this, but Planned Parenthood is the most well-known, national organization. But all these centers are under threat. Please keep in mind, when you vote on this measure, that you are not taking away just abortion services — you are taking away the right to life of millions of women in this country, who might otherwise die of an STD, cancer, or internal damage from a particularly brutal rape.

Please save Planned Parenthood. Thank you.

You can donate to them here.

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