Another Link Round-Up Post

Look, I just moved across town, okay? That’s exhausting and expensive. I have things to say, but currently, little mind with which to say them. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll start watching “Weeds” on Netflix Streaming. Also, these don’t really have anything to do with theatre, but they do have more generally to do with […]

“Quickies, Vol. 12” from Live Girls! Theatre, at Theatre Off Jackson

I’m a big fan of Live Girls! continuing series, Quickies — a series of short plays written by local female playwrights. Every year is different, an insight into women playwrights in the area and what kind of scripts they might write. Congratulations on 12 years of this awesome show! This year was, again, wonderful. It […]

Because I’ve been reading a lot, and am too lazy to post much that is original

So it’s time for a link round-up. Ads Implant False Memories: this is one of those articles that reminds me how strange the human brain is. On the other hand, interesting comment about how sympathetic our memories are, too. By feeling attached to something, whether through repeated viewing or emotional attachment (and probably both is […]