I’m a big fan of Live Girls! continuing series, Quickies — a series of short plays written by local female playwrights. Every year is different, an insight into women playwrights in the area and what kind of scripts they might write. Congratulations on 12 years of this awesome show!

This year was, again, wonderful. It mostly focused on family — how families begin, sibling rivalry, mother/daughter rivalry. But it is all wonderful. I’m not going to ruin the plot of any of the shows — you should just go see them.

The continuing dedication of Live Girls! to local playwrights is a quality other Seattle theatres should pick up. The on-going success of “Quickies” is an indication of how rarely local, living playwrights disappoint. If other companies invested even this much effort into showing their work, it would revolutionize the Seattle theatre scene.

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