Look, I just moved across town, okay? That’s exhausting and expensive. I have things to say, but currently, little mind with which to say them. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll start watching “Weeds” on Netflix Streaming.

Also, these don’t really have anything to do with theatre, but they do have more generally to do with stories.

Does it Spoil Anything to Know How the Tricks are Done? This is an article about science, sorta, and also about human curiosity. I like that the writer’s answer is basically “no, it doesn’t.” Do I feel less awe because I know how rainbows are formed, or what stars are? Absolutely not. I actually find that said knowledge enhances my experience. It’s really cool to me to know, for example, that birds are really, really closely related to dinosaurs — that when you look at a pidgeon walking around, there was once a dinosaur that walked around with that stupid head-bobbing waddle. Seriously. It’s amazing to me to know that our brains work because of electric current pulsing through living, soft tissue. I am beyond awe when I think that, someday that I unfortunately won’t get to see, the Milky Way is going to collide with Andromeda, and that’s happening because of the Big Bang. Science is freakin’ cool — not only does it raise more questions with each answer, but the answers themselves tell us truly unbelievable, unimaginable things about our Universe, our world, how all this crazy stuff works. How can you think that discovering a new piece in the ultimate narrative of our universe makes our universe a more boring place?

Are You a Fantasizer? This article was fun for me because, yes, I fantasize about everything. And not in that dirty way. I fantasize about how my boyfriend is going to greet me when I get home while I’m on my way home. I fantasize about what my work day will be like when I’m headed in to work. I fantasize solutions to problems at said job. I fantasize about what movies, tv shows, plays, books, might be like based on the title, possibly the cover art or promo images. I literally fantasize about the future all the time. And what I fantasize about is not just a long-term future, like what my life might look like in 20 years, but a very short-term future — like how will this blog post be received?

Extinction Burst: Okay, so not only is this website highly entertaining, this article is entertaining and helpful. The main premise is framed in terms of going on a diet, but the concept can be applied to anything. I mentioned that I just moved across town, and both my boyfriend and I had extinction burst moments about leaving our old apartment. We love the new place, we weren’t totally happy at the old place, but it was still kind of tough to leave and force ourselves into a new lifestyle. The path of least resistance is literally what our brains our built to comprehend and travel — anything uncharted doesn’t make sense to us. The good news about that, though, is that we are highly trainable creatures. Just … read the article.

How are Art and Human Evolution Related? Intimately, I would think. I wish Laden had answered that question a bit more, but it’s a good jumping off point. And I wish that I lived in that area JUST so I could go to that discussion.

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