Oh Em Eff Gee

I don’t know what else to say about “The Wild Plan,” except what the title says — oh my fucking GAWD. With an implied “AWESOME” for emphasis. We believe that theatre is about community. Our Wild Plan is to create shared experiences through story and spectacle and song―not to mention beer and wine and food, […]

I’m torn

In general, I am not a fan of musicals based on movies. I think the trend skimps on creativity, instead pandering to the expected and predictable. Worse, from a totally pretentious perspective, I think the almost decade-long trend allows too much of the corporate to leak into an artform I consider … precious. But artists […]

Update on the Intiman

I’m on the Intiman’s email list, so I’ve been getting occasional updates about how the theatre is doing. And it looks like they’re actually doing something. By August we will identify the preferred concept for reopening the theatre. In September we will seek the advice of key supporters and funders. By October we hope to […]

Had to share

I recently had my love of flash mobs and harmless public pranks rekindled after showing a friend Improv Everywhere’s infamous “Best Buy takeover.” And also their classic, and oft-copied, Frozen in Grand Central Station: They’re also responsible for pantsless subway rides, which I hear rumor are happening on the Light Rail here in Seattle now. […]