I’m on the Intiman’s email list, so I’ve been getting occasional updates about how the theatre is doing. And it looks like they’re actually doing something.

By August we will identify the preferred concept for reopening the theatre. In September we will seek the advice of key supporters and funders. By October we hope to announce our decision about reopening the theatre in 2012.

Over the past two months, we have successfully rented the Intiman Playhouse and rehearsal studio to a variety of performing arts organizations. To supplement this rental income, the Board of Trustees are making monthly contributions to keep the Playhouse operating during Intiman’s pause.

So there’s a timeline. There’s income. I’m interested to see what they decide as far as “preferred concept” goes. They can definitely try moving away from the “subscription model,” which many critics seem to think is broken (I’m not sold on that, but I do think the non-profit model is broken). I’m hopeful I might actually be able to attend some of these meetings, if they’re open to the public. I’m glad to learn that the Intiman is taking some advice into consideration, although how much of that is from their hired contractor vs. the public remains to be seen next month. But this update, unlike previous updates, actually makes me hopeful. And curious. And curious is good.

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