I don’t know what else to say about “The Wild Plan,” except what the title says — oh my fucking GAWD. With an implied “AWESOME” for emphasis.

We believe that theatre is about community. Our Wild Plan is to create shared experiences through story and spectacle and song―not to mention beer and wine and food, and babies, and dogs, and picnic blankets, and fireworks, and sunsets. The Wild Plan is about sharing, which is why our performances are free and outdoors, open to anyone. …

For each festival on the tour, we’ll curate a sort of ‘set list’ … These ‘set lists’ will be different in each community, as we’ll be bringing local artists and community organizations on board …

Think fair-trade art: the artists make a living wage for their work, and their art is shared freely with the communities that support them.

It’s a structure that gets a lot of material (3 different plays that can be performed over two days) out of a fairly short rehearsal period and only 4-6 actors/directors, and it can do so because it prioritizes artist pay so that the group can afford to commit their time and energy [read: put their day-jobs on hold] to devote themselves to the development and touring of these plays. Over 80% of our budgets goes to the artists to facilitate their ability to invest themselves fully in this process.


And the best part? They’ve already reached their funding goal!

I hope they come to Seattle. Some day. Or … you know … just maybe I could …

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