Back in the day, I took a movement class at Freehold Studios with George Lewis. At the time, George was working with a group he had helped form called Le Frenchword, featuring three of his former clown and movement students.

Le Frenchword’s first full-length show is “Fancy Mud,” running at Annex until … tonight, actually. Yes, I lost track of time again and ran late to this show, but I did manage to see it, so good for me.

They’re a mostly-European, very absurdist, clown group, and their show is weird and hilarious. Maybe it’s the pretentious weirdo wannabe-beatnik artist side of me, but I looooove this stuff. It’s off the wall in a way that shows, yes, absurd ideas are good ideas. It doesn’t have to be rooted in reality or have a deeper meaning to be great entertainment, hugely creative, and very amusing.

My one criticism — and this is completely nit-picky — is of Sachie Mikawa’s adorable, stereotypical Japanese female character, who spends most of the show obsessed with bunnies. But you know what? It wasn’t that obnoxious, and she probably came up with that herself. And if that’s a character she wants to perform/make fun of, more power to her. She still did well, even if I find it personally a little grating. In fact, that might be the point. I don’t know, I just know I was entertained.

Go see it. If you didn’t or won’t go see this show, go see them elsewhere. This is the kind of stuff that will revitalize theatre in Seattle, because it’s interesting.

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