Free Theatre Week has evolved in recent years into the fabulous Arts Crush, a month-long event featuring all kinds of art work — readings of books, poetry, plays, screenplays; performance art of many varieties; painting and sculpture exhibits; dance; and of course, theatre. I’m especially happy about the variety Arts Crush is offering this year. SIS Productions, Washington Ensemble Theatre, and Live Girls! Theatre, some of my favorite companies in the area, are offering some really interesting free performances. There’s also this, this, this, this, and this, which all seem to be on that great border between freakin’ brilliant and utterly pretentious, so I’m going to do my best to check them out.

Of course, now is the time that I have projects taking off, so between that and Ze Dayjob, I will probably go to fewer events than I hope. But there’s some dang good stuff lined up, and that means something for everyone!

Thanks to Theatre Puget Sound for making this happen every year.

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