I’ve spent much of my holiday reading about the Occupy movement, which I have been woefully uneducated about – partly because of being busy, partly because of underreporting from trusted sources. I also tend to read a lot about theatre while I’m on vacations, just generally, so when B. Michael Peterson posted “On artists making […]

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thursday, before I shove “traditional” food into my gaping first-world face in celebration of a bunch of religious zealots attempting to eradicate indigenous cultures, I am thankful for many things. One of those things is populism in theatre reviews: A person can write rewarding plays about well-fed people fretting over first-world problems that are […]


An antidote to the derp of the last post! Yay! First, and most importantly, there’s a new writer’s group forming at Seattle Rep. They are specifically Northwest playwrights, too. This is a very exciting development from a large theatre company, although they have a pretty toned-down expectation of the group. Participants in the group will […]