I’ve spent much of my holiday reading about the Occupy movement, which I have been woefully uneducated about – partly because of being busy, partly because of underreporting from trusted sources. I also tend to read a lot about theatre while I’m on vacations, just generally, so when B. Michael Peterson posted “On artists making […]

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thursday, before I shove “traditional” food into my gaping first-world face in celebration of a bunch of religious zealots attempting to eradicate indigenous cultures, I am thankful for many things. One of those things is populism in theatre reviews: A person can write rewarding plays about well-fed people fretting over first-world problems that are […]

The Intiman is starting to stand up, shakily

The Intiman has made more clear their previously vague plans to reopen, and personally, I am less than inspired. Other critics seem to be torn: Misha Berson straight-up tells the facts Bond Huberman of Seattle Mag is pessimistic Brendan Kiley at the Slog actually sounds optimistic Marcie Sillman at Crosscut.com is worried about the feelings […]

2 really good reasons out of the 7 reasons why theatre matters

This article, 7 Reasons Why Theatre Makes Our Lives Better, is from TheatreWashington.org is really old news now, but I finally got around to reading it this morning. I don’t agree with all of them, of course, but two specifically were right up my alley. So, naturally, I thought I’d repost them. Second, theatre is […]

Plans for the Intiman’s space as they rebuild

Lots of theatre news lately, apparently. Seattle Times featured a short piece about the future of the Intiman’s space, and how they are considering using it as the Intiman itself rebuilds. According to Deborah Daoust, director of communications for city-run Seattle Center, the center is now eyeing a summer residency for the Intiman and considering […]

A Note on “Anonymous,” ie that new movie sort of about Shakespeare, kinda

You’ve all probably gathered by now that I work in theatre. I admin for a large theatre, I direct and dramaturg for smaller theatres, I write theatrical pieces (sometimes, in my quieter moments), I used to act, I’m on the board of a clown company, I’m delving further into the world of physical theatre, I […]


An antidote to the derp of the last post! Yay! First, and most importantly, there’s a new writer’s group forming at Seattle Rep. They are specifically Northwest playwrights, too. This is a very exciting development from a large theatre company, although they have a pretty toned-down expectation of the group. Participants in the group will […]