Lots of theatre news lately, apparently. Seattle Times featured a short piece about the future of the Intiman’s space, and how they are considering using it as the Intiman itself rebuilds.

According to Deborah Daoust, director of communications for city-run Seattle Center, the center is now eyeing a summer residency for the Intiman and considering other anchor tenants that might manage and occupy the theater on an extended basis as well.

Cornish College of the Arts has expressed some interest in a longer-term tenancy in the theater, Daoust and Cornish officials confirmed. Daoust said conversations between the two organizations have been preliminary, and no decisions have been made by Seattle Center about which group or groups will run the space on an ongoing basis.

“We’re very much still in process and everything is still fluid,” said Daoust. “We might do a public process where we seek proposals for future tenants of the space, but nothing’s been set.”

I’m glad that there are plans in the works for the space, in general. Part of the pain of losing theatre companies is, frankly, losing venues for performance. When a company can no longer afford their venue, not only do they rarely come back for a true season, the venue falls into disrepair since no one is actively working on upkeep. It’s tougher to rent the venue to itinerant companies, because there isn’t a specific contact person to go through.

Now, the Intiman’s space is unique because the Seattle Center actually owns it, so it was unlikely to go to waste. But it is heartening to hear that the Center is not only planning to keep using the space, but to keep using it as theatre space.

What I would love to see, since this is a unique opportunity, is sliding scale rental pricing, so smaller theatre companies can host in a bigger venue. It also might be a good opportunity to kick-start the Seattle Fringe Festival once again, with a 400+ seat venue available most of next year.

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