Congratulations, I hope, to the Intiman, which BAAAAAAAARELY made its fundraising goal.

I hope the theatre takes notice that the public, in mostly small donations, contributed the bulk of the money raised.

The largest pledges were four $100,000 gifts from repeat Intiman benefactors Sue Leavitt and Bill Block; Eve and Chap Alvord; Marcia and Klaus Zech; and from an unnamed donor. The board also contributed $100,000. And $500,000 in sums of $5 and up was raised from hundreds of donors via an online campaign.

Yes folks, the board only donated $100,000. The board only believes in this theatre $100,000-worth, even though the theatre needed $1 million. So the public believes in the Intiman’s potential more than part of the management.

Also, that whole chunk of money will go toward the summer showcase. I really hope none of it goes to support out of state artists – I’d much prefer if the design team, tech staff, and cast were all local. I think that would show some serious gratitude to Seattle for the $900,000 it just contributed.

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