There’s so much entertaining scandal surrounding Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark.

The deal announced Thursday should leave Taymor’s Spidey-sense — and wallet — tingling: She will reportedly receive full royalties of nearly $10,000 a week through the show’s entire New York run.

Under the agreement, Taymor will also collect unspecified compensation when the production recoups its $75 million investment and if there are additional productions of the Spidey show.

But, Taymor’s not satisfied yet:

Taymor, in the federal case, has said she wants half the profits earned from the original “Spider-Man” book that she worked on with Bono and The Edge.

She’s also seeking another $1 million for unauthorized use of her version of the show.

Turns out, though, that’s ok, because:

The super-hyped $75 million show is now a bona-fide smash after nearly disappearing in a web of accidents, delays and bad reviews. The producers fired Taymor as director in March 2011.

I’m repulsed, horrified, and highly amused. So I guess I’m no better than anyone else who’s seen the show.

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