I’ve said this on my own before, but Rebecca Novick has now pointed out, more loudly and in a better forum (and with better research into options!) that the Non-Profit Theatre Movement has served it’s purpose and is now doing more to hamper artists than help them. It’s a great, pithy article, full of examples […]

Good news, Seattle Theatre Scene!

First, and most obviously, the Seattle Fringe Festival is back. Not just having committee meetings, but for realsies it’s back – they’re accepting applications through their website for a September 19-23rd, 2012 run! In other, suddenly-announced news, there’s a new building going up – slated for completion in 2014 – that will be right across […]

Philadelphia theatre company uses the internet to create shows

This is kind of old news, but still fascinating. New Paradise Laboratories is using social media to create plots and character back-stories for new work. This innovative experience takes audiences through a rabbit hole on a visually stimulating online adventure. Stories evolve on social networks with multimedia components from YouTube and Sound Cloud. It can […]