First, and most obviously, the Seattle Fringe Festival is back. Not just having committee meetings, but for realsies it’s back – they’re accepting applications through their website for a September 19-23rd, 2012 run!

In other, suddenly-announced news, there’s a new building going up – slated for completion in 2014 – that will be right across the street from Velocity Dance Center. It’s called the 12th Ave Arts Project, and features housing, office space, and Seattle Police Department parking (it was formerly just an SPD parking lot), with some resident artists, including Washington Ensemble Theatre, New Century Theatre, and Strawberry Theatre Workshop – three of the most dynamic, talented, and innovative theatre companies in the city.

With all of this on top of the recent revival of the West of Lenin Theatre Space, it looks like the self-pitying days of Seattle Theatre are behind us.

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