An interesting solution to the “Non-Profit Problem”

Raising money is a pain in the butt, and one of the reasons is because non-profits have to justify specifically where every penny goes. I can’t think of a non-profit that raises money just to have a surplus to support general growth. But, in an online article in The NY Times, David Bornstein writes about […]

So there’s a reddit page devoted to theatre.

Also one devoted to theatre memes. It’s good, though. I got some good articles out of this. Like: First Theatre, Then Facebook Which is actually about how curmudgeonly Jean-Jacques Rousseau is about theatre. However, there’s a lovely quote at the end: In a series of remarkable works, starting with “Discourses” and ending with “Letter to […]

Structure, Stereotype, or Segregation – or all of the above?

There’s two key words being flung around the theatre world a lot these days – “emerging” and “midcareer.” They’re particularly noticeable when one is looking at grants and grant applications. This means that as an artist, one must categorize oneself as “emerging” or “midcareer.” So what the hell am I? Personally, I think I’m “midcareer,” […]

I heart Adam Savage

Of course, I’d like to see not just electronics and collectible memorabilia considered “Maker”-worthy, but all kinds of art (which he mentions) and handicrafts like knitting and sewing, as well as gardening and cooking. You know, “women’s work.” Because bending circuits is awesome, welding scrap metal into a statue of R2D2 is really impressive, but […]