I’m in my hometown for an indefinite period because of a family emergency. Due to the lead-up of said family emergency, an otherwise lack of time throughout the year, and some other stresses (work stress, changing jobs, relationships), I just haven’t been able to post blogs like I want to. Although I have been very involved in the theatre community in Seattle this year through rehearsals, I haven’t seen the shows I wanted to see. I’ve missed so many that my heart breaks every time I think about it. I haven’t been as on top of criticism of “The Artist’s Way” as I’d like, because lately I just can’t wrap my mind around it (that would be the family stress). I haven’t been engaged in reading theatre blogs and writing about things when they pop into my head because … all the things.

On the upside, I’ve been getting some decent scifi story ideas, and when I do manage to get a moment and focus, I have been editing my solo performance and writing some short stories. So all is not lost on the creative front, at least.

Depression and anxiety are tough things to go through, especially when they block your ability to do what you love to do.

That said, here is a comic that makes me feel much better about everything.

from "Bird and Moon"


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