Happy Winter Holiday

I’m definitely going to be part of the upcoming “SECOND DATE,” coproduced with Annex and Rain City Projects. I’m moving Mom to Seattle in 5 days. I will close down her apartment next month, after SECOND DATE is over. I get to deal with the health care industry and the government while trying to create […]

Fiscal Cliff! NOOOOOOOOO!

Received this email from “Americans for the Arts” today. Thought it was worth reposting. I think the bit about caps on charitable giving is actually related to rich people and companies using charitable giving as a tax loophole – instead of giving out of the kindness of their hearts – but I could be wrong. […]

The Artist’s Way Criticism: Week Two And Being Told Who You Are

Week Two of “The Artist’s Way” is titled “Recovering a Sense of Identity.” The first week was “Recovering a Sense of Safety,” so this is a nice bit of linguistic symmetry. As we continue into the rest of the 12 weeks, “Recovering a Sense of ____” starts every title sequence. The subtitles in this chapter […]

The Artist’s Way Criticism: Hunkering Down Into Week One

The title of Week One is “Recovering a Sense of Safety.” It’s true, it is important to feel safe practicing art. Classes can help with this, but classes also force you to practice. Ironically, reading a book about art does not force you to practice that art. In general, the chapter encourages readers to overcome […]