Something has been pissing me off lately, and that is all the freakin’ productions of “Next to Normal” that are happening across the country.


I realize the rights to this show were released in 2012, but for effing serious. EVERYONE is doing this musical. I get that it’s a good musical, but for EVERYONE to do this show … well, that just screams “Give us your money!” to me.

Why don’t theatres focus more on producing their own new musicals? “Next to Normal” was someone’s new musical once, too. And frankly, after a slew of musicals based on movies, I applaud Broadway for workshopping something that’s entirely new. But if we ALL invested in producing new musicals, then there’d be a much more fascinating canon out there for theatres to pick up and produce later.

I’m not against producing shows other companies developed, I’m just against everyone fucking doing it at once. IT’S KIND OF AN OBVIOUS PLOY, GUYS.

(I would like to add that some companies are starting to do something about that, notably the 5th Avenue Theatre here in Seattle. Three cheers to the 5th! Or maybe 5 cheers. I dunno).

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