fringefestpartyAs of last night, the Seattle Fringe Festival is officially back for 2013!

Festival planners hosted a kick-off party at the Garage, with bowling and billiards, which made it hard to hear announcements, but was still a nice idea. I can say that I partied with Fringe big-wigs when the applications officially went online. Go me.

The festival will be in September again this year, running the 18th-22nd. Venues will include some old favorites from last year – Annex and the Odd Duck Studio – as well as some newcomers, which I can’t remember but at the time I thought, “Sweet!”

If you have a fringe-y sort of show, you should totally go apply. Everything is due on May 8th (officially less than one month from today!) and the lottery drawing will happen on May 11th.

I’m still, sadly, debating whether or not I want to submit my solo performance. Today, I’m leaning toward “yes,” but only because drunkenly talking to several other theatre artists who are enthusiastic about the Fringe Fest really makes me want to apply. Tomorrow, theĀ sulfurous winds of change could blow my confidence in the opposite direction.

On the other hand, I need to get back to editing that show anyway. It’s been a few months *embarrassed gulp and grimace*

Moral of story! I was a small part of the festival last year, and it’s quite an honor to see it up again this year. The steering committee aims to grow again, with a focus on more Seattle-based artists this year (16 in-town, 6 out-of-town) which I think is a great opportunity for the awesome local theatre people in this city. I hope to be able to actually make it out to a few shows, too, unlike last year.

You can also follow Seattle Fringe on Facebook and Twitter.

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