More awesome? I actually prefer “awesomer.” Go fig.


The Pocket Theater.

Soon-to-be 20-30 seat venue somewhere in the Ballard/Fremont/Queen Anne area with the aim to be open this October, which is pretty ambitious since they just launched their Kickstarter to raise money.

But you should totally donate to this project. Why?

Because the theatre is being built on the ethos that NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO PAY TO PERFORM. EVER. 

(Their words, not mine!)

It’s great, dudes. It’s always a challenge to find space that is both affordable and in good shape, especially if you’re a hard-working artist with at least one day job, possibly three to afford your dreams, and your money mostly goes to your own rent, some food, and then costumes, set, and props. This amazing group seeks to change that, in order to make Seattle theatre even more awesome, which has been the trend for the last two years since The Fringe kicked off again, 12th Avenue Arts broke ground, and larger theatres like 5th Avenue and ACT send more and more shows created in Seattle to Broadway.

The Pocket Theater has a cute video. Watch it and then go donate.


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