Thank you thank you HowlRound, for live streaming a couple of things from the LMDA conference in Vancouver. It’s tantalizingly close to where I live, and it hurts that I can’t go. But I get to see two of the events! Yay!

  • Speaking of Change — a conference keynote livestreaming on Thursday, June 27 at 8pm PDT (Vancouver) / 10pm CDT (Austin) / 11pm EDT (Toronto)

Speaking of Change brings together five compelling leaders to share short, personal true stories on a revelatory transformation or adaptation to change in their lives and work. The format is inspired by popular speaking events like PechaKucha and The Moth. Hosted by Rice and Beans Theatre, our speakers are at the leading edge of cultural change, from performance festivals to solo performance. Carmen Aguirre (Vancouver), Norman Armour (Vancouver), Tara Beagan (Toronto), Liz Engelman (Washington), and Rebecca Novick (San Francisco).

  • In Conversation: Yvette Nolan and Mark Bly livestreaming on Saturday, June 29 at 1:30pm PDT (Vancouver) / 3:30pm CDT (Austin) / 4:30pm EDT (Toronto) / 20:30 GMT

Two of our most esteemed dramaturgical thinkers, America’s Mark Bly and Canada’s Yvette Nolan, engage in conversation about adapting to change and looking to the future. Wide ranging, in depth, and frank, this is an opportunity to listen in on two great minds challenging each other.

You can view them on HowlRound TV.

(also, to anyone reading this, apologies for not updating in a long time. I’ve been out of the country for a month, you see.)

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