It’s time, everyone! It’s fall, officially, and we’ve watched the end-of-summer celebrations – Bumbershoot and PAX – come and go. That means that indoor arts events will be all the rage for the next two months.

Two big ones that I’m looking forward to are the Seattle Fringe Festival (September 18-22) and ArtsCrush (the month of October). Here’s what you can expect:

The Seattle Fringe Festival includes these awesome shows:

Radial Theater Project presents AISLE 9 (a new play)

Written by Keri HealeyK Brian Neel and Wayne Rawley
Conceived and directed by Aimée Bruneau
Designed by Montana Tippett
Scored by Nathan Wade
Featuring Samuel Hagen and Erin Stewart

Coming soon to the 2013 Seattle Fringe Festival at Annex Theatre.

Four performances:
Sept 18 @ 7:30pm
Sept 19 @ 6pm
Sept 21 @ 6:30pm
Sept 22 @ 3:30pm

AISLE 9 is being written by three different playwrights. In the first act, it is 1983, and a young man and woman meet for the first time in a grocery store. The second act takes place many years later in present-day 2013, where the same couple meets again at the grocery store, this time a few weeks after their divorce is finalized. The third act is our couple’s final reunion in aisle 9 in the year 2043.

This is Radial Theater Project’s fourth collaboration between local playwrights, directors and performers.

Operation Hibernation

written by Keiko Green
directed by Catherine Blake Smith
starring Shane ReganCaitlin Sascha StreckelSarah Winsor

9/18 Wed 6pm
9/19 Thurs 7:30pm
9/21 Sat 8:30pm
9/22 Sun 2pm


The morning after a one-night stand, Haley will not wake up. With the discovery of a cryptic note, Nick takes it upon himself to take care of her. But in this story of attraction, betrayal, and infatuation, Nick’s feelings take a dark turn.

Part of the Seattle Fringe Festival 2013

Drawn Dead – Live at the Seattle Fringe Festival
Written and performed by Steven Gomez
Direction by John Leith


Years ago, learning to play poker taught Steven Gomez unexpected but invaluable life lessons and courage that served him long after he quit playing.

Unhappy with his life, he found solace in rediscovering the game and remembered an unfinished poker ambition: Visiting the Wildhorse Poker Round Up festival in Pendleton, Oregon. The resulting trip took him on a surprising odyssey of nasty weather, crooked card sharks, encounters with supernatural forces and an all-in showdown with his greatest nemesis: Himself.

Come see this solo performance about poker, life, discovery, self-reflection and an ill-advised poker vacation at the Eclectic Theater, September 18-22, 2013, as part of the 2013 Seattle Fringe Festival.
All tickets are $10 at the door.

Show times:
Wednesday September 18 – 7:30pm
Thursday September 19 – 9:00pm
Saturday September 21 – 8:30pm
Sunday September 22 – 1:00pm

Eventually, I hope, Seattle Fringe Fest will update its full list of shows.


ArtsCrush runs the entire month of October, and features a variety of events from backstage tours to free nights to pay-what-you-can or two-for-one nights. Many visual arts, theatre, and music events are all crushed together into one incredible explosion of Seattle artistic prowess. I remember back in the day, ArtsCrush was actually Live Theatre Week in October. I’m glad its expanded, and now includes a bunch of other art events, because I think it’s really important to show the link between all artists in this community.


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