130919110234-government-shutdown-620xaAs we go into week 2 of the government shutdown, the most immediate damage that could have been done has been done, especially in the arts sector. As I’m on the West Coast, there’s very little happening on my end. Seattle is surrounded by national parks, which of course are all closed, but since I’m not a weekend hiker, I’m not terribly effected by the closures. The worst that might happen is delays renewing my passport, which I haven’t started yet anyway.

I asked a couple of DC-area theatre acquaintances about how the shutdown was effecting them, and their responses were, other than the closing of Ford’s theatre and some concerns about day jobs, their lives hadn’t really changed.

In the larger arts sector, a massive art project called the 70 X 7 The Meal, “a major event where more than 900 people would eat together at one long communal table stretching two blocks, with Independence Mall as the backdrop,” had to be canceled due to national park shutdowns. More here.

Additionally, due to the closure of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, four ArtPrize 2013 winners (out of 10) had to have their entries moved outdoors for viewing.

“The Ford Museum is funded by the federal budget, and therefore affected by the current negotiations taking place in Washington, D.C., over a resolution to continue federal funding,” said Christian Gaines, executive director of ArtPrize. “Absent an agreement, the Ford Museum, like other federal buildings across the United States, has been forced to close until those negotiations are resolved.”

“The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is proud to host four of ArtPrize 2013’s Top 10 artists, however, the closing will not affect the public’s ability to view any of these installations,” said Todd Herring, communications director for ArtPrize.

More from the article here.


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