The internet has brought me cats, video games, social media, the television of my youth, Neil de Grasse Tyson, and some of the most ridiculous memes that I have ever seen. But today, through the infamous Tumblr #WhatShouldWeCallPlaywrights, I discovered Once we have all used it to generate our artist statements, I think the internet is officially done and we can turn it off and all go home.

This is my statement, by the way. It isn’t an accurate portrayal of my work as a writer, director, dramaturg, or even actor, but I kind of want it to be.

“L. Nicol Cabe (°1983, Atlanta, GA, United States) creates performances and media art. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, Cabe wants to amplify the astonishment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition and alienation.

Her performances demonstrate how life extends beyond its own subjective limits and often tells a story about the effects of global cultural interaction over the latter half of the twentieth century. It challenges the binaries we continually reconstruct between Self and Other, between our own ‘cannibal’ and ‘civilized’ selves. By demonstrating the omnipresent lingering of a ‘corporate world’, her works references post-colonial theory as well as the avant-garde or the post-modern and the left-wing democratic movement as a form of resistance against the logic of the capitalist market system.

Her works are notable for their perfect finish and tactile nature. This is of great importance and bears witness to great craftsmanship. By focusing on techniques and materials, she considers making art a craft which is executed using clear formal rules and which should always refer to social reality.

Her works appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. Time and memory always play a key role. L. Nicol Cabe currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.”

Not too shabby.
Not too shabby.

It’s like the artist statement equivalent of that Facebook status creator bot that’s been popular lately. But also kind of useful.

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