Since I posted in March about my excitement to go to Director’s Lab West 2014, I have remained quiet. What’s that crap about? Seriously.

Well, the big note is depression. Until this past Monday, I had no theatre plans after DLW, and that always makes me antsy. Once “Mr. Pim Passes By” opened in January, I got crickets on the theatre front until my buddy Catherine Blake Smith asked me to submit a short piece for April’s Spin the Bottle at Annex. And I got to direct a weird scifi dystopian play by my good friend, Seth Tankus. And then crickets until DLW.

Part of it, I suspect, is that for the last three years, I worked on a clown show, “Not All Clowns Are Bozos.” I was the production manager for III, and assistant directed IV and V. The director was priming me to direct VI, but then the company fell apart. It was unraveling well before V, in all honesty, but the process of auditioning clowns and developing their pieces took months of thought and laughter, and I didn’t get that this year, and I go through every stage of the grieving process every time I think about that show and the experience I lost.

But on the upside, I now have a good chunk of my year planned out. On Monday, the Seattle Fringe Festival drew names for the 2014 lineup, and my solo show was chosen! I’ve been working on this show for years, ever since I took Marya Sea Kaminski’s solo performance class. I have a couple of versions of the script, so once I get back from DLW – and hell, I’m sure DURING DLW – I’ll spend June editing the thing and July and August rehearsing and probably pulling my hair out over production budget, crew, and marketing.


My buddy Andy Buffelen also recently pitched a really interesting zombie play to Annex – it’s not done, but I get to be the show’s dramaturg and when it’s staged, it’s director. If Annex doesn’t pick it up, I hope he and I can figure out when and where to stage it because I love the idea.

I’ve also been writing more short stories and working on the outline for another story for National Novel Writing Month 2014. My completed novella for NaNoWriMo 2013 is called Europa Dreams and is updating (just follow that link!) every Wednesday. On autopilot. I love that crap. It has 41 or 42 chapters (I’m genuinely too lazy to look right now), started posting in March, and magically will be done on my birthday in December.

I also suspect depression, which crippled my writing practice, hit hard because my favorite yoga studio in Seattle had been closed to move to a new space for 4 months. But the Samarya Center is back – just in time for me to go out of town, but hell, I’ll take it! I’ve been to a couple of their classes and I’m excited to devote much more focus to it when I get back.

The biggest things I accomplished in the last month, since Spin the Bottle, have been to start, but not finish, two short stories, get to 2048 in 2048, and re-watch 7 out of the 8 seasons of House, MD. But things are looking up. And maybe I will write more here. And maybe I will just vent my frustrations here while I try desperately to write. And maybe I will disappear for months at a time again. Who knows. But I have deadlines now, I have some profesh stuff to look forward to, and I have my home-away-from-home back. So life isnt’ so ennui-enducing now.

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