I wish I had more to say about the work I’m doing on “Infinite Expectation of the Dawn” – my solo performance that, I am so lucky, is premiering at the Seattle Fringe Festival this year – but the thing about working hard on a show is all the energy goes into the work. Reflection on the show comes later. But here’s some things that have come up:

I haven’t had to memorize anything, much less anything long, in at least two years – not since I took Marya Sea Kaminski’s solo performance class at Freehold Theatre. That was the original, 10-minute version of this show, titled simply “Rebellion.” While it was still fresh in my mind, I also performed the short at Stone Soup Theatre and as part of a fundraiser for Macha Monkey. As a director, I always try to be kind to actors and help them memorize in the way that works best for them, but I’m practically having phantom birth pangs, remembering shows I’ve asked actors to memorize in the past.

I have started sympathizing more with the conservative hack character than the original main character. I mean, I wrote both of them to be both sympathetic and repulsive, but it’s strange to feel the words more at home in my mouth while I’m spewing tripe about God and country, that I don’t personally believe. I assume the comfort I have with this personality is due to the character being so fresh, while the original character is simply getting stale to me.

I’m on a few mailing lists for fringe and solo performance festivals. This morning, I got a newsletter from the Brighton Fringe, with information about upcoming registration (October 2014, for their 2015 season!). Brighton Fringe is in the UK. Taking a break from work, I looked up the cost of plane tickets to London that far in advance. I shouldn’t have done that. Oof, so much wanderlust, so many big dreams. I don’t even have a complete show yet and I’m already looking at the next step.

Is it good to have those ambitions? I’m never sure.

Poster design thanks to Brandon Bunche
Poster design thanks to Brandon Bunche

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