Mirror Neurons explain everything!

I’m really into podcasts, and am constantly on the hunt for new ones. Recently, when I finally exhausted my supply of Radiolab, I went on the prowl for science-based podcasts. As a sometime-scifi writer (my solo performance is the dystopian near future, after all), I inhale strange science facts like cocaine. Well, except it’s either […]

Art Round-Up, mostly derp

There’s been some interesting bits on art from around the world this week. The most painful and derpy of them all is news about conservative Catholic organizations protesting a play which, from what I can gather, deals with a sad, difficult, depressing, and very real subject — a dying elderly parent. It’s not pleasant to […]

Because biology wasn’t cool enough

I have found the best actor in the world. That is insane. I tried finding some information about mimic octopuses (or octopode) in captivity, but mainly found information about them as pets, in aquariums. What I want to know is how much of this behavior is learned based on their environment, and how much of […]