The Intiman, A Show I Saw, and Some Personal Crap from Me

Since I’m on the Intiman’s mailing list, I just got this note in my inbox: Dear Friends of Intiman,  Exactly a year ago the Board of Trustees invited me to be Artistic Director of this theatre. At the time it meant a promising position with an immense amount of work ahead. The schedule was tight, […]

The Intiman Raised $1 million

Congratulations, I hope, to the Intiman, which BAAAAAAAARELY made its fundraising goal. I hope the theatre takes notice that the public, in mostly small donations, contributed the bulk of the money raised. The largest pledges were four $100,000 gifts from repeat Intiman benefactors Sue Leavitt and Bill Block; Eve and Chap Alvord; Marcia and Klaus […]

Intiman’s donation set-up takes a cue from Kickstarter

Not that this is a bad thing – I think it’s a good way of helping them restore donors’ and patrons’ faith – but it looks like the Intiman is going full-on post-modern and stealing an idea from Kickstarter. Instead of taking donations up front, Our new plan protects donors: we will not spend money […]

The Intiman is starting to stand up, shakily

The Intiman has made more clear their previously vague plans to reopen, and personally, I am less than inspired. Other critics seem to be torn: Misha Berson straight-up tells the facts Bond Huberman of Seattle Mag is pessimistic Brendan Kiley at the Slog actually sounds optimistic Marcie Sillman at is worried about the feelings […]

Plans for the Intiman’s space as they rebuild

Lots of theatre news lately, apparently. Seattle Times featured a short piece about the future of the Intiman’s space, and how they are considering using it as the Intiman itself rebuilds. According to Deborah Daoust, director of communications for city-run Seattle Center, the center is now eyeing a summer residency for the Intiman and considering […]

The Intiman — what’s wrong with American Theatre part 3

I’ve been thinking for months about the Intiman’s crisis — from their major fundraising campaign to their downfall. Reactions ranged from a desperation to save the theatre — mainly because it was one of the few venues tentatively able to pay actors a “living wage” (if you think minimum is living) — to schadenfreude. Questions […]