Phone Etiquette and a Changing World

As usual, I’m about a week late to the conversation via blogging, although I’ve read much and commented a little on two incidents involving phones in the theatre and poor audience etiquette. For those few who are unfamiliar, there’s two stories: 1. Nick Silvestri, a 19-year-old, plugged his phone into a realistic but non-working outlet […]

I was a #SeaThtr Traitor this weekend

On Thursday, June 11th, I left Seattle to fly down to Los Angeles to check out the Hollywood Fringe Festival. My solo performance, “Infinite Expectation of the Dawn,” might get a third shot at performance in Seattle this November, and I’d like to take it on tour next year, so I need to get a […]

Yet Another Example of Failure in Theatre Education

So there’s this ridiculous, incomplete list going around (and getting heavily criticized) called “25 Most Important Plays Every Actor Should Read.” It’s at Now, much of the criticism I’ve seen has to do with how few women and POC writers made the list. Also, the weird choice of “Richard III” as the top Shakespeare, […]

Digital and Analog

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a nerd, both for theatre and video games. I kind of love technology and think it’s amazing, but my craft is in theatre. I’m not a stage technician or engineer of any sort, either – I’m a director and dramaturg, with occasional forays into writing and acting. That’s pretty analog […]