A Couple of Articles on Artistry’s Alleged Collapse

Posted in Uncategorized by L. Nicol Cabe - Oct 08, 2013

I’ve found, throughout my professional career in theatre, that there’s consistent hysteria about the collapse and theatre and the arts. Venues are more expensive, no one goes to see plays anymore, etc. The latest survey from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) shows that there’s been a drop in attendance at arts venues. According […]


Digital and Analog

Posted in creativity, humanity, theory, Uncategorized by L. Nicol Cabe - Aug 19, 2013

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a nerd, both for theatre and video games. I kind of love technology and think it’s amazing, but my craft is in theatre. I’m not a stage technician or engineer of any sort, either – I’m a director and dramaturg, with occasional forays into writing and acting. That’s pretty analog […]

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Thank you thank you HowlRound, for live streaming a couple of things from the LMDA conference in Vancouver. It’s tantalizingly close to where I live, and it hurts that I can’t go. But I get to see two of the events! Yay! Speaking of Change — a conference keynote livestreaming on Thursday, June 27 at 8pm PDT (Vancouver) […]


More awesome? I actually prefer “awesomer.” Go fig. SO THE VENUE. The Pocket Theater. Soon-to-be 20-30 seat venue somewhere in the Ballard/Fremont/Queen Anne area with the aim to be open this October, which is pretty ambitious since they just launched their Kickstarter to raise money. But you should totally donate to this project. Why? Because […]


It has a name!

Posted in creativity, me, theory, Uncategorized by L. Nicol Cabe - Apr 18, 2013

Transmedia storytelling!  “Transmedia storytelling (also known as transmedia narrative or multiplatform storytelling) is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies, and is not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchises,[1] sequels or adaptations.” Beautiful. I love it. I want to do it. Thank you, Robert Matney, for your HowlRound article “Hacking […]

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Ze Frank Says Ze Right Things

Posted in humanity, Uncategorized by L. Nicol Cabe - Mar 05, 2013

I’m a little behind on the internet memes, so I’m finally, after about 7 years, discovering Ze Frank. Here’s my two favorite so far – probably because I’m reading “Around the Writer’s Block” by Rosanne Bane.

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Algorithmic Theatre

Posted in creativity, humanity, theory, Uncategorized by L. Nicol Cabe - Feb 21, 2013

This weekend, On the Boards is offering a show called “A Piece of Work (formerly False Peach)”. The show, per it’s website write-up, mixes live performance and AI software. As part of the show’s run, OtB will also offer a master class with Annie Dorsen, who created the show. Dorsen has created basically a new […]

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Audiences On and Offline

Posted in Uncategorized by L. Nicol Cabe - Feb 19, 2013

Yes! This is closer to what I was hoping for in my last post, about social media. In the past, theatres have been criticised for getting social media wrong, but there’s definitely movement in the right direction. They’re starting to think of us as audiences online as well as offline. Maybe it’s not that hard after […]


The Last Chunk of “The Artist’s Way” Criticism

Posted in Uncategorized by L. Nicol Cabe - Feb 12, 2013

So, I’m having a hard time wanting to finish my diatribe about this book. I feel like Cameron demonstrates her bad habits in the book’s set-up, which I have already discussed in detail. I’d also like to move on to other projects – for example, I have an exciting co-blogging project coming up about another […]


Not that this is happening …

Posted in Uncategorized by L. Nicol Cabe - Jan 27, 2013

I just think it’s funny. From WHAT SHOULD THEATRE CALL ME. When you’re directing and everyone keeps questioning your choices. You just want to be like (<3 Dame Maggie Smith) (and actually, the show I’m directing is going swimmingly. The worst that’s happened is the light board gave us a lot of trouble yesterday and […]

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