Today, the GOP proposed a temporary debt ceiling increase. Their proposal, which extends the debt ceiling for 6 weeks to begin negotiations about the federal budget, comes with some serious restrictions – namely, the proposal would ban the Treasury Department from using extraordinary measures to avoid default. So that’s kind of extreme. Democrats, and the […]

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Mirror Neurons explain everything!

Posted in biology, creativity, humanity, me, theory by L. Nicol Cabe - Jul 16, 2012

I’m really into podcasts, and am constantly on the hunt for new ones. Recently, when I finally exhausted my supply of Radiolab, I went on the prowl for science-based podcasts. As a sometime-scifi writer (my solo performance is the dystopian near future, after all), I inhale strange science facts like cocaine. Well, except it’s either […]

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Nikki Haley is the first female governor of South Carolina. She is also the first minority governor of South Carolina. She is the child of legal immigrants who made a living in South Carolina despite a lot of racism, classism, sexism, and anti-immigration sentiment. She has probably led a tough life. Despite all of this, […]

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I heart Adam Savage

Posted in creativity, humanity by L. Nicol Cabe - Jun 01, 2012

Of course, I’d like to see not just electronics and collectible memorabilia considered “Maker”-worthy, but all kinds of art (which he mentions) and handicrafts like knitting and sewing, as well as gardening and cooking. You know, “women’s work.” Because bending circuits is awesome, welding scrap metal into a statue of R2D2 is really impressive, but […]

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Realistic Expectations for Education

Posted in humanity, me by L. Nicol Cabe - Oct 20, 2010

I’ve mentioned the blog Theatre Ideas before. I have some respect for this professor’s perspective: that, despite all the rhetoric otherwise, we theatre people live in a system that relies much more on personal financial assets (or parental financial assets) than it does on hard work and determination. Much like the rest of the country, […]

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When I was your age, we read *real* books!

Posted in theory by L. Nicol Cabe - Aug 08, 2010

Since I catch up on the blog Theatre Ideas with some frequency, I ended up reading this article over at the Huffington Post this morning: The 15 Most Overrated Contemporary Writers. Most of this article struck me as something along the lines of, “You damn kids, get off my lawn!” in its contempt for current […]

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Not because it’s good for you

Posted in theory by L. Nicol Cabe - May 13, 2010

There’s a fantastic article in this week’s Stranger (a free newspaper here in Seattle) called “Make Art Anyway.” It focuses on MusicianCorps, a national program that is, in Seattle, being sheltered by the Arts Corps (which is based on Kennedy’s Peace Corps, while MusicianCorps was more inspired by Clinton’s AmeriCorps). I’ve done a little teaching […]

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