Time-based art

After many years of waiting, I finally had the opportunity to see one of the 4 days of 14/48. Afterward, my theatre partner and I had an interesting discussion about time-based art, and what the benefits vs downsides are. He’s not in favor of it, generally, because it doesn’t allow space for the creative process. […]


An antidote to the derp of the last post! Yay! First, and most importantly, there’s a new writer’s group forming at Seattle Rep. They are specifically Northwest playwrights, too. This is a very exciting development from a large theatre company, although they have a pretty toned-down expectation of the group. Participants in the group will […]

Chicken butt

I lost NaPlWriMo this year. Perhaps “lost” is too strong a term, although if you complete all 75 pages you get to say you won, so … not sure what the opposite term would be. Frankly, I’m not surprised. I launched into it at the last minute, I didn’t have anything really prepared. I did […]

So I’m Writing a Play

I’m not a playwright, but I’m trying out this whole National Play Writing Month thing anyway. For those not familiar, it is similar to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), in which participants must write 50,000 words — roughly 175 pages — by the end of November. With NaPlWriMo, participants must write a 75 page script. […]