Shout-Out to New, Local Theatre in Seattle

Seattle’s theatres have echoed a common complaint in the last several years – we’re tired of feeling stifled by continuous Shakespeare and Arthur Miller productions. We want to do new work, locally-produced and -created. Fortunately, Seattle theatre artists have caught up very quickly with the request. Theatres like Annex, Washington Ensemble Theatre, and the Satori […]

Running My Fingers Through the Water: Creating a Play from Scratch with Annex’s and Rain City Projects’s SECOND DATE

It’s nearly April, and it’s been over a month since SECOND DATE, a project co-produced by Annex Theatre and Rain City Projects, ended. It’s taken me awhile to get it together to write about this project, but here we go.   Back in December, I mentioned an email I received proposing the SECOND DATE project […]

I’m on a list of Female Directors!

Twitter is kind of an amazing thing, you guys. Through my fellow theatre director/dramaturg/nerd-type, Catherine Blake Smith, I was introduced to Elissa Goetschius, who is fighting the MAAAN, maaan! by creating a list of female directors across the country. Being the social media whore that I am, I immediately contacted her and got myself on her list. […]

Audience Engagement In Theatre Creation

I’ve been sitting on the following articles for a few weeks now. Natalie V. Hall’s #2TweetorNot2Tweet Gwydion Suilebhan’s Theatrical Biodiversity Alex Barron on HowlRound’s  Blog – 13P: Easy to Revere, Tough to Recreate And also some good news for Seattle: building 12th Avenue Arts is well underway, and Capitol Hill’s Pike & Pine St corridor […]

Our bodies, Our minds, ourselves — no difference

About a year and a half ago, I began blues dancing. Like most people of my age and nerdiness, I had traumatic experiences in middle and high school that put me off ever exercising again, ever. I’d rather starve myself to be thin than join a gym and work for it. I took a yoga […]

Because biology wasn’t cool enough

I have found the best actor in the world. That is insane. I tried finding some information about mimic octopuses (or octopode) in captivity, but mainly found information about them as pets, in aquariums. What I want to know is how much of this behavior is learned based on their environment, and how much of […]

Apparently short, quick posts are where it’s at right now

Take that as a single entendre, if you would. I haven’t written full reviews of shows I’ve seen in awhile because, well, I didn’t need to. At the end of August I saw UMO Ensemble’s “El Dorado.” A piece of weird movement theatre based on European buffoonery, and inspired by actual documents from the conquest […]

Does it need to mean something, or can I use my normal Absurdist/Existentialist approach?

I haven’t blogged about the last handful of movement classes I’ve been to, because I can’t seem to consciously hold everything important that I want to talk about in my head for more than a day. This is really unfortunate, because I feel like the class is having a huge effect on my life. I […]