Working Artists in the US

I didn’t participate in this survey, but I think – between the day job, theatre work, and some other pursuits – I count as a working artist. That’s kinda cool. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) released a survey recently stating that there are “2,081,735 million artistsĀ in the United States, identified by the occupation […]

Algorithmic Theatre

This weekend, On the Boards is offering a show called “A Piece of Work (formerly False Peach)”. The show, per it’s website write-up, mixes live performance and AI software. As part of the show’s run, OtB will also offer a master class with Annie Dorsen, who created the show. Dorsen has created basically a new […]

Blogging is haaaaaard

I’m in my hometown for an indefinite period because of a family emergency. Due to the lead-up of said family emergency, an otherwise lack of time throughout the year, and some other stresses (work stress, changing jobs, relationships), I just haven’t been able to post blogs like I want to. Although I have been very […]

Mirror Neurons explain everything!

I’m really into podcasts, and am constantly on the hunt for new ones. Recently, when I finally exhausted my supply of Radiolab, I went on the prowl for science-based podcasts. As a sometime-scifi writer (my solo performance is the dystopian near future, after all), I inhale strange science facts like cocaine. Well, except it’s either […]

I heart Adam Savage

Of course, I’d like to see not just electronics and collectible memorabilia considered “Maker”-worthy, but all kinds of art (which he mentions) and handicrafts like knitting and sewing, as well as gardening and cooking. You know, “women’s work.” Because bending circuits is awesome, welding scrap metal into a statue of R2D2 is really impressive, but […]

Another Link Round-Up Post

Look, I just moved across town, okay? That’s exhausting and expensive. I have things to say, but currently, little mind with which to say them. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll start watching “Weeds” on Netflix Streaming. Also, these don’t really have anything to do with theatre, but they do have more generally to do with […]

Chicken butt

I lost NaPlWriMo this year. Perhaps “lost” is too strong a term, although if you complete all 75 pages you get to say you won, so … not sure what the opposite term would be. Frankly, I’m not surprised. I launched into it at the last minute, I didn’t have anything really prepared. I did […]

Media Saturated

I recently broke down and decided to pay for the cheapest Netflix account possible — one disk in the mail, unlimited streaming video. After I ploughed my way through the last two seasons of “Xena,” my boyfriend started using my account more than I did, and I decided that, if there’s two of us using […]