Obama Calls for an End to the Shutdown

Posted in humanity by L. Nicol Cabe - Oct 08, 2013

Today, Obama  called for Boehner to end the government shutdown so Congress could finish discussions about the debt ceiling and the budget. While there’s been no response from the Tea Party, this could signal the beginning of the end of the government shutdown. Unfortunately, it is not actually the end. Fortunately, several organizations – from […]

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Posted in humanity, large theatre, small theatre by L. Nicol Cabe - Oct 01, 2013

NASA, Panda Cam, the Smithsonian – all shut down. More detrimental in the long-term, the FDA, CDC, DEA, and DOJ are all shut down, too. So, regulation of pollution, contamination, drugs, products, and criminals – all gone. While this is a terrifying thought, I’m actually more sad about the loss of the Curiosity Rover’s Twitter. […]

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This past Thursday, RiOT [productions] opened a new play by Seth Tankus called “Rosemary,” which I directed. It’s a hard play with loud music, abrasive characters, and a tragic ending. It’s not for everyone. As the director of the show, I admit that I am attached to the show. I chose to direct it, so […]

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Two Massive Seattle Arts Events

Posted in creativity, large theatre, small theatre by L. Nicol Cabe - Sep 03, 2013

It’s time, everyone! It’s fall, officially, and we’ve watched the end-of-summer celebrations – Bumbershoot and PAX – come and go. That means that indoor arts events will be all the rage for the next two months. Two big ones that I’m looking forward to are the Seattle Fringe Festival (September 18-22) and ArtsCrush (the month […]

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Seattle’s theatres have echoed a common complaint in the last several years – we’re tired of feeling stifled by continuous Shakespeare and Arthur Miller productions. We want to do new work, locally-produced and -created. Fortunately, Seattle theatre artists have caught up very quickly with the request. Theatres like Annex, Washington Ensemble Theatre, and the Satori […]

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Theatrical Level Up

Posted in creativity, small theatre, theory by L. Nicol Cabe - Apr 25, 2013

I just started playing Ingress, Google’s augmented reality game, yesterday. I’m hooked. While the game itself is basically glorified Capture-the-Flag, and appeals to people roughly my age and a little younger because it is one more reason to bury your nose in your phone, there’s several interesting aspects to it. One, I noticed, has been […]

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The Seattle Fringe Festival is Back for 2013!

Posted in small theatre by L. Nicol Cabe - Apr 09, 2013

  As of last night, the Seattle Fringe Festival is officially back for 2013! Festival planners hosted a kick-off party at the Garage, with bowling and billiards, which made it hard to hear announcements, but was still a nice idea. I can say that I partied with Fringe big-wigs when the applications officially went online. […]

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It’s nearly April, and it’s been over a month since SECOND DATE, a project co-produced by Annex Theatre and Rain City Projects, ended. It’s taken me awhile to get it together to write about this project, but here we go.   Back in December, I mentioned an email I received proposing the SECOND DATE project […]

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I’m on a list of Female Directors!

Posted in directing, me by L. Nicol Cabe - Mar 21, 2013

Twitter is kind of an amazing thing, you guys. Through my fellow theatre director/dramaturg/nerd-type, Catherine Blake Smith, I was introduced to Elissa Goetschius, who is fighting the MAAAN, maaan! by creating a list of female directors across the country. Being the social media whore that I am, I immediately contacted her and got myself on her list. […]

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Congratulations to 12th Avenue Arts!

Posted in creativity, large theatre, small theatre by L. Nicol Cabe - Feb 21, 2013

Today, construction on 12th Avenue Arts finally started with a ground breaking ceremony! Unfortunately, due to some person things that came up, I missed it. However! I am very pleased for them, as well as for theatres that will occupy and manage the theatre spaces – Washington Ensemble Theatre, New Century Theatre Company, and Strawberry […]

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