Another Band-Aid Offered to the Debt Ceiling, Arts Charities Beginning to Suffer

Today, the GOP proposed a temporary debt ceiling increase. Their proposal, which extends the debt ceiling for 6 weeks to begin negotiations about the federal budget, comes with some serious restrictions – namely, the proposal would ban the Treasury Department from using extraordinary measures to avoid default. So that’s kind of extreme. Democrats, and the […]

All Quiet on the Western Front. And the Eastern, Apparently

As we go into week 2 of the government shutdown, the most immediate damage that could have been done has been done, especially in the arts sector. As I’m on the West Coast, there’s very little happening on my end. Seattle is surrounded by national parks, which of course are all closed, but since I’m […]

Day Three of National Hissyfit

I’m covering news stories related to how the arts and entertainment are being affected by the American government shutdown, and I’m glad to say that, into day 3, there’s finally some good news. First, the Kennedy Center will remain open during the government shutdown. While they are curtailing some of their hours, no employees will […]

Arts and Parks Suffering, Ted Cruz Vows to Make Things Worse

Museums, national parks, and arts venues are shutting down or forcing many of their employees to work on furlough until the crisis is over (“furlough” is basically the same thing as “volunteer” except with more hostility on the employee’s side). Last night, October 1st, the Ford Theatre said they would shut down and move their […]