I am a new media theatre artist.

I specialize in digital dramaturgy and science fiction plays.

I create shows inspired by our potential future, using speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy tropes. I write and perform scifi story-telling shows, direct new plays, and help playwrights develop their work.

Since 2016, I have travelled the world to fringe festivals with my speculative fiction performances. I have won sold out show, critic’s choice, and producer’s choice awards at several festivals over the years. When I perform my futuristic writing, I do so under my production company, Giant Nerd Productions. As of 2020, I have also toured several online fringe festivals, including the Milwaukee Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Pittsburgh Fringe, and Online@TheSpaceUK (season 2). 

As a dramaturg, director, and writer who focuses on brand new plays, I worked on innovative shows produced by Annex Theatre, Copious Love Productions, Theater Schmeater, and Taproot Theatre in Seattle, Washington. I have also worked with digital theatre productions including OnBoardXR.

My masters thesis focused on the history of digital and online theatre (Master of Letters, University of Glasgow, 2021); my PhD continues this work to understand the combination of technology and cultural changes leading to innovations in new media theatre and performance (Flinders University, commencing 2026). I am an alumna of Director’s Lab West (Pasadena, 2014), and a summa cum laude graduate of the University of South Carolina (Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts, theatre, 2006).