Sometimes I do things, like radio interviews or Twitter chats. Here’s a few of them!

Press Kits

Here’s some information to get in touch with me

L. Nicol Cabe – artist press kit
Giant Nerd Productions – company press kit
Effing Robots – current show press kit

Giant Nerd Australia

My Australian producer/franchisee/good buddy, Steve Brady, produces a podcast to promote his end of the Giant Nerd production world, and I was on an episode before flying down for Adelaide Fringe 2019. You can listen here.

Theatrical Mustang

I had the honor of being on this podcast three times. Katie Woodzick is a great interviewer, and it was a lot of fun to be part of their show.

Episode 11: with Shane Regan, Rachel Delmar, and Courtney Meaker
Episode 35: Promoting the Zig Zag Festival at Annex Theatre
Episode 99: Just me! Talking a lot!

O’ahu Fringe

I did three radio interviews while I was in Hawaii, but this is the only one that survived online (that I know of). The Conversation on Hawaii Public Radio.

HowlRound Twitter Chats

I’ve hosted two Twitter chats with Howlround.

What can theatres do to help disabled, deaf, autistic, etc fully experience productions?

Theatre & Interactivity: Seeking the How and the Why