I would love to discuss new media theatre dramaturgy, directing, production, writing, and more. If you would like more specifics about my writing, directing, dramaturgy, or performance resume, please contact me.

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Solo Performance Work

You can view information about my solo performances and tours by following the link above. I am a multiple award-winning fringe festival performer specializing in speculative fiction shows, which have toured internationally.

Directing and Dramaturgy


I co-directed Annex Theatre’s and The Lava Kingdom’s Vampires of the Neverwood, a wild new media ride combining live (over Zoom) actors and filmed performances with audience voting in a multi-night 3-story-path DnD-inspired drag-lesque-grotesque dark comedy epic that’s longer than the director’s cut of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit combined. Thanks to Brendan Mack for trusting me with the live actors!


With the help of Annex Theatre and their long-running cabaret, Spin the Bottle, I have created Speculation Diaries, a take-over of the StB slot four times in 2019 to make a science fiction and speculative fiction-themed cabaret show. Diaries occur in April, July, August, and October 2019.

I was the dramaturg for Funhouse V, a speculative-fiction-ish love letter of six shows dedicated to the Pacific Northwest, opening September 2019.


I excitedly directed Peggy: The Plumber Who Saved the Galaxy at Annex Theatre for their Fall 2018 Off Night show. The Solar Empire needs a hero, and there’s no one better than a rogue pilot, a smart-ass robot, and an intrepid space plumber.

I wrote for Infinity Box Theatre Project’s “Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human,” a regular series of short plays. The these for October 2018 is “Living in Multiple Realities.” My 20-minute play was inspired by sitcoms, titled “Augmented Roommates.” Learn more here.

I wrote for Theater Schmeater’s “In the Grey City,” an off-night production inspired by shows such as The Twilight Zones, The Outer Limits, and Black Mirror. Learn more here.

I was also the fortunate dramaturg for Row Yr Boat: Achievement Unlocked, produced by Annex Theatre. Examining the intersection of virtual reality tech, drone war craft, and personal tragedy, Row Yr Boat highlights the physical reality of psychological stress.

2017 and Earlier:

I have been honored to direct shows with Copious Love twice recently, on The Untitled Play About Art School, and CODENAME: KANSAS, Witch Hunter! 

I worked with the fantastic Annex Theatre on The Zig Zag Festival as one of the six writer/director/dramaturgs.

I was the production dramaturg with Taproot Theatre in Seattle for several years, on the following productions:
2014: Mr. Pim Passes By
2013: Le Club Noel
2012: Leaving Iowa
2010: Wedding Belles; Charlie’s Aunt
2009: Smoke on the Mountain: Homecoming

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